VOIP Solutions

Call Center Solutions

Our call center solutions provide a powerful and flexible platform designed to automate and streamline call center operations, facilitating real-time collaboration and boosting productivity between agents and supervisors. Specifically tailored for call centers in Uganda,

Our solutions efficiently manage both inbound and outbound call campaigns. With their flexibility and cost-effectiveness, We proudly offer call center solutions from  Avaya, Cisco, and Asterisk, ensuring that our clients benefit from industry-leading technology and expertise in the field.

Hotel PBX System Solutions

The hotel telephone system solution meets the hotel’s daily telephone communication needs (front desk switchboard, telephone transfer, etc.) on the basis of integrating telephony with other services through IP voice technology and utilizing the hotel’s existing internal broadband network (optical fiber/net line/WiFi), effectively reducing construction costs and maintenance difficulties.

IVR - Interactive Voice Assistant & Auto Dialer Solutions

For small businesses, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Auto Dialer solutions play a crucial role in streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions. IVR allows businesses to automate call handling processes by providing callers with self-service options through a menu system. This eliminates the need for human intervention for routine inquiries and enables customers to quickly access the information they need.

Additionally, IVR can route calls to the appropriate departments or agents, ensuring efficient call distribution and reducing wait times. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and helps small businesses manage high call volumes effectively.

Auto Dialer solutions further benefit small businesses by automating outbound calling campaigns. They can be programmed to dial a list of phone numbers automatically, saving time and effort for agents. This feature is particularly useful for sales, marketing, and customer outreach activities.

Auto Dialers can also integrate with CRM systems, allowing small businesses to access customer information and interaction history during calls. This enables agents to provide personalized service and improves the overall customer experience.

Both IVR and Auto Dialer solutions help small businesses operate more efficiently, improve customer service, and increase productivity. By automating routine tasks, reducing wait times, and enabling personalized interactions, these solutions contribute to overall cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Small/Medium Business PBX System Solutions

Regardless of the organization size or the industry it operates in, every business needs to communicate with prospective customers and vendors externally, as well as with employees internally. our powerful cloud PBX phone system and unified communications platform will enhance your business communications with over 40 next-generation features including

  • secure video conferencing,
  • call recording,
  • web and mobile apps,
  • business text messaging,

and more – all accessible from a desk or mobile phone, laptop or computer.